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Late night transfers…

Reaching 00:00 am here in Chelyabinsk, we’re still working to transfer the image sequences acquired today on our external storage devices to free the PC’s hard disks. It is a very time-consuming operation which we have time to do only during the night… yawn! Departure towards Ekaterinburg is scheduled for tomorrow 11:00 am. For the [...]


Yesterday everything went well with the press conference, then we had time to do some maintenance on the veichles… We recalibrated two of the vehicles, P1 and P2, and we checked the door handles of P1 that seemed to be all broken. Unfortunately we managed to repair only one of them, because we lacked some [...]

VisLab in Samara

Sorry, guys, for not posting anything yesterday, but we’ve been quite busy with some maintenance: we made some tests to double check the vehicles’ autonomous driver. Nothing special: just a routine check, but it kept us busy for most of the afternoon. In the morning we traveled all the 140 km to reach Samara in [...]