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Our fans on youtube

Folks, our fans (the first hitchhikers on an autonomous car, as they define themselves) provided a very nice video of them preparing for the meeting with our VisLab engineers: check it out on YouTube here:

Pictures of the accident

This is the first picture of the accident that the VisLab engineers were able to send from Russia (remember that our satellite connection is now not working and we had to use the very expensive internet connection in the hotel rooms).

Trapped in Customs again…

Yesterday we reached the Ukraine border. We managed to get out of Ukraine with no problem, but we got trapped in the Russina customs. Some paperwork seems to be missing: the people got cleared, but the vehicles need some more documents. We’re now connected to our VisLab headquarters back in Parma that are helping out [...]

First autonomous accident…

Yesterday we had our first (and hopefully our last!) small accident with our autonomous vehicles. We were just at the end of a highly successful driving session (165Km): the guys in charge of the autonomous vehicle (the follower) stopped the vehicle just behind the leader, and got off the vehicle. They disengaged the perception system, [...]

First test: not bad at all.

We’re currently driving towards Budapest. Today we were scheduled to reach Novi Sad (from Belgrade) but we’ve already passed Novi Sad and we’re proceeding further. The vehicles are just great. We had to get back to manual at the toll station (Gee! they wanted our driverless vehicle to pay the toll anyway!). Anyway, great test. [...]

Unbelievable website statistics

In these first days of the challenge, one in 25,000 internet connections worldwide is made towards our website!!! This is indeed a GREAT RESULT, but we want more!!!