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Here is the very first picture from the Expo 2010. Today we started to meet people and press at the European pavilion, and everybody was very excited about the project! More events will follow in the next few days, so stay tuned.

A long way to Shanghai…

… but there we are!!! Leader and follower on Shanghai’s Nanpu Bridge: thank GOLD (*) for that (*) Generic Obstacle and Lane Detector, name of VisLab’s software running on the vehicles.


Today we had to fix a massive battery charger failure: all of them got broken at the same time because of a spike produced by the power supply unit. This was really bad news, since no battery charger means no driving, period. Nevertheless, we managed to solve the problem by replacing two units with spare [...]

Altitude: 2000m

We have camped in a very nice location at about 15 km from the Sayram Hu lake and surrounded by the wonderful Borohoro snowy mountains at an altitude of 2000m. We did two runs of 80 and 32 Km respectively climbing up for a total of with 1500 m, with some offroad section; hopefully we [...]

No man’s land soccer

Today the expedition has been splitted in two parts: one is going back to Almaty to get some additional documents necessary to exit the Kazak border, while the other is in the no man’s land between Kazakhstan and China waiting to enter China. Well, believe it or not, our main problems are always non-technical!!! To [...]

Customs by night

We travelled all day until we finally reached the Kazakhstan border early in the morning (4:30 am local time), when we discovered that the russian visa of one of the guys had just expired at midnight! Guess what? We ended up being trapped in the custom as usual, and we are still waiting to resume [...]

Back home again

Annoying misadventure for three of our VisLab guys today. Their departure to join the VIAC expedition in Omsk scheduled from Milan Malpensa airport this afternoon, it is only when arrived at the airport check-in desk that they discover their visas to enter Russia are valid from… tomorrow!! So plane tickets lost and a very expensive [...]

How VisLab’s oratory saved the first ticket in history to an autonomous vehicle!

We were preparing our demo, testing in a pedestrian area with our driverless vehicles. A local policeman, who apparently was not aware of our presence, saw our vehicles moving in a restricted area and approached them to talk to the driver and stop them. Then he realized there was no driver! And the vehicles were [...]

Another lesson learned…

The lesson we learned yesterday during the demo in Saratov is the following: never ever give demos to a crowd of journalists all together in the vehicle! Why? Well, I’ll take a step back and tell you the full story. Saratov. VisLab is preparing the demo. Everything works flawlessly. We decide to prepare a waypoint [...]

New Associated Press news spread worldwide

Just write “Driverless vehicles go manual in Moscow” (including the “s) on Google and you’ll find out how many websites are reporting the latest news diffused by Associated Press about the progress of our experiment. The news is here. If you’re curious, just enter “Italian team embarks” on Google again to check how many websites [...]