Here is the very first picture from the Expo 2010. Today we started to meet people and press at the European pavilion, and everybody was very excited about the project! More events will follow in the next few days, so stay tuned.


  1. roberto says:

    Many compliments for the success of your team and your cars, Prof. Broggi* !
    Even if I could not attend the Shanghai event, my best wishes.
    Greetings to all of you.
    (* maybe you remember, we met in Funchal)

  2. edo says:

    Ho letto della vostra impresa sul corriere on-line:
    “Nemo propheta in patria sua”.
    Questo non toglie nulla al grande valore del successo conseguito dal vostro team : BRAVI!!!

  3. Gabriele says:

    Auguri da tutta la redazione di OMNIFURGONE.
    Ma una foto col Presidente della Repubblica, Giorgio Napolitano non l’avete fatta a Shanghai?
    Bravi… anche se è un peccato che l’avventura sia finita. Ci avete tenuto compagnia tutta l’estate. Possiamo sperare in VIAC 2 “Il giro del mondo”? Non diciamo in 80 giorni però! ;-)

  4. Of course first: Congratulations to this great success, but we should keep in mind, that the technical problems of autonoumous vehicles are solved already since some time. The practical use will depend from the legal situation: e.g. who has to pay for anaccident? the owner of the car? the car-producer? or the computer firm who developed the system? As long as there is no international law for this, the autonomous vehicles will not operate in practice. See also my articles unfortunately in German in my book EUROPOLIS1 in google book search. we have to start with the trucks!