Still running, still testing

Yesterday another 2 runs of 197 km all together: it seems that batteries and chargers are all working steadily well at the moment. Did a few tests of our software as well, changing the leader-follower configuration and letting the following vehicle drive on its own along the highway (have a look at the 23 October 2010 video in the “Latest video news” section of our website, if you wish!). We’ll continue with other tests today, going back to the leader-follower configuration but with the leading vehicle driving on its own this time.

Talk to you later, ciao!

One Comment

  1. FedericaP says:

    Hello guys! Happy to hear that your thecnical inconvients seem to be overcome!! so, final rush and the goal is achieved!! greetings from your “parmigiana” supporter! see you, Fede