The Silent Army

Under quite a cloudy sky we have travelled for 2 autonomous runs of 94 and 85 km today, after 3 days without any.

Yesterday a few km from Xi’an, at the Terracotta Warriors site parking lot, we replaced the 2 deteriorated battery chargers. It seems now that all the vehicles get properly recharged.
And we had the opportunity to visit the archaeological site as well: what an extraordinary cultural heritage! Despite the constant and very noisy flow of tourists around, the beauty of the statues with their incredible variety of armours, head coverings and face expressions brings such an astonishment to the observer that even if only for a few moments it is unavoidable to be ravished in admiration…

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  1. Chiara says:

    I’m jealous… Good luck for the final rush! Looking forward to seeing you all back in Parma! Ciao