Corner cases

Today we wanted to stress a bit the navigation system, to see how well it behaves when most of the sensors information is missing. For that purpose, we disabled everything but the lane detector: the result was even better than expected, with the vehicle driving smoothly between the lanes.
Later on we had some problems with one brake actuator, which got stuck: the fix was easy, but in the meanwhile the friction heated the wheels, resulting in a familiar (for us) burning smell.


  1. dom says:

    9/10ths of the way there. Congratulations on a great performance to date. I’m sure the vast amount of data and best practices gleaned will lead to much more intelligent autonomous vehicles in the very near future. Google’s testing of autonomous vehicles has garnered a lot of publicity recently, I hope there can be some sharing of experiences between the two teams.

  2. Rene Barclay says:

    Hello Rean/Isabella,
    great photos from, I presume, the “Great Wall of China?” What a convenient place to break-down! Do you think you will get to Shanghai by 28 October? We are following your daily progress. Everyone sends their love. Andrew shifted back into his house last weekend. Looks great – perhaps you could make a detour to NZ on your way back to Parma? Talked to Mum a couple of days ago – she has a lousy cold. Lots of Love & safe travelling – Rene & Francis