On the way to Urumqui

Mid morning here in China, we’re driving for our first autonomous run of the day on the highway G312 to Urumqui. Moving away from the magnificent (and cold!) Tian Shan, the Celestial Mountains, we have still quite cool temperature but nice sunny weather.

No problems with the vehicles in the last runs, only one broken CO2 sensor which we’ll replace later.
Traffic is very low on the road for the moment, we expect very smooth runs for the rest of the day.

Talk to you later, Ni Hao!


  1. roberto says:

    I understand that you are on schedule. By chance, any chance of meeting you in Beijing before Oct 28 ?

  2. Vislab says:

    Hi roberto,

    we’re a day late really but should be able to get to Shanghai on time.
    Our route doesn’t include Beijing though, sorry about that!

  3. Hong72 says:

    You visit Xi’an? Good to see you here.

  4. yuanzhi says:

    welcome to china, again! since we had met in xi’an with your group last year.
    I have been paying attention to your great challenge since it began.
    good luck for the last testing of your project.
    by the way, I want to know how to share your testing data.
    thanks a lot!

  5. Vislab says:

    @Hong72: Unfortunately we will not stop in Xi’an, we only pass by, probably at the beginning of next week (tuesday or wednesday).

    @yuanzhi: Thanks!!! Nice to hear from you again, once we will be back in Italy we will start with the analysis of the collected data. They will be then available for other groups.

  6. That’s so beautiful mountain with four driverless vans! That’s outstanding!