Altitude: 2000m

We have camped in a very nice location at about 15 km from the Sayram Hu lake and surrounded by the wonderful Borohoro snowy mountains at an altitude of 2000m. We did two runs of 80 and 32 Km respectively climbing up for a total of with 1500 m, with some offroad section; hopefully we will be able to post some images soon.


  1. FedericaP says:

    hello Isa! Your “crazy” friends from Parma&surroundings follow your adventure every day!
    Pictures and videos are so beautiful!!
    take care..and…warm! kisses from Fede, Simo, Ale, Manu, Barbra&C

  2. Isa says:

    Hi mes belles, thank you very much for your message!
    Hear from you soon, Ni Hao :-)