No man’s land soccer

Today the expedition has been splitted in two parts: one is going back to Almaty to get some additional documents necessary to exit the Kazak border, while the other is in the no man’s land between Kazakhstan and China waiting to enter China. Well, believe it or not, our main problems are always non-technical!!!

To enjoy some nice time together while waiting, we just organized a soccer match between an italian team (us!) and a kazak one. After a while of nice and relaxing playing, Mario kicked the ball in a no-trespassing zone: kazak people cannot access, chinese people cannot access, italian people cannot access there as well…. ball lost (but stylishly).


  1. Igor85 says:

    Want to watch a live video news with some excerpt from the soccer match!

  2. Gnollo says:

    ciao ragazzi, spero che riuscirete presto a lasciare la noman’s land.

    PS: Hei vediamo se qualcuno indovina chi vi scrive?!! :-) )