Almost Almaty

We’re travelling autonomously towards Almaty, where we’re finally going to have some rest at an hotel… this is good news, since on two motorhomes the heating gas tanks are almost empty, and it’s quite cold at night in this area!


  1. FedericaP says:

    Almaty.did you know that..the name Almaty was given to the city because of apples..”Alma” means “apple” in Kazak..the real symbol of the city is a big red apples, the famous “aport”. There is almost a legend about a first apple tree that was brought once upon a time from a Russian region, was planted in the Almaty soil and gave unexpectedly big fruits….

  2. Isa says:

    Hi FedericaP :-)

    We didn’t know that information in fact but apples we ate were certainly very good: thank you for your your message, ciao!