Towards Almaty

Now we are close to Pavlodar. Unfortunately, due to the heavy delay causes by customs problems of the last days, no autonomous driving until we reach Almaty. Our friend with the expired visa, together with the interpreter, is now in Novorsibisk to solve the visa problem, they will rejoin the expedition in Almaty.
The steppe is all round us, we can see lots of cows and horses grazing. The temperature is around 25 deg with a windy weather.


  1. simon says:

    As a professor of automation said once “the problem with autonomous driving is the people, not the machines”!
    good luck and remember to look out of the window. That is a good reason for not driving!

  2. voronier says:

    Simon, you’re right. Technically speaking they are doing a great job! This will be a great milestone. Then they will need to start working on educating people… :-)