Customs by night

We travelled all day until we finally reached the Kazakhstan border early in the morning (4:30 am local time), when we discovered that the russian visa of one of the guys had just expired at midnight! Guess what? We ended up being trapped in the custom as usual, and we are still waiting to resume our trip. As a consequence, the demonstration scheduled for Almaty will likely be delayed, stay tuned for more info


  1. dom says:

    Oh dear. Been there, done that, on various continents in the world, including one memorable stop at the Menton border crossing between France and Italy in the late 90s. There’s nothing like a hostile customs officer to make you appreciate the easy travel in the countries of Europe these days.

  2. Hello there ! What a great trip ! Reuters Television would like to catch up with you a day or 2 before you reach Shanghai for a full multimedia – TV – Pix & Text report about the end of your trip.
    Any idea on when and where this could be ?
    Good luck

  3. voronier says:

    But I wonder: you are traveling on a unique trip with unique goals. Couldn’t you ask for a longer visa? You never know what may happen!

    Did you ask for a Chinese visa up to Oct 28? :-)