Towards Barnaul

Yesterday in the morning we visited the city, after an amusing night we spent drinking beer and singing traditional italian songs with some russian guys we met at the pub :-)

In the afternoon we showed the vehicles to the mayor of Novokuzniek and then we had the press conference. At the end we answered  the questions of journalists and other interested people that took a lot of picures of us and the vehicles. We also had an interview with Novokuzniek local television.

Now the program is to reach autonomously Barnaul aiport (300 km), where we are expected to arrive on Monday; here two Vislab guys will leave the expedition, while Isabella and Stefano are joining it.
This morning we covered 156 autonomous km and during the second run we had to stop because…some cows crossed the road we were travelling!


  1. Hurzigh says:

    The cow detection is not working?

  2. FedericaP says:

    …so..good look to Isabella and Stefano for the beginnig of their adventure with VIAC!!