Mountains of Gold

First autonomous run of 70 km today, we’ve driven with plenty of uphills and downhills on the beautiful Altay Mountains, the “Mountains of Gold”.

Had then a very good second run with 80 km done and still enough batteries left to drive for another few kilometers but as we were starving at that point we decided it was time to have some lunch.

Leaving for today’s last run we discovered that a vehicle, even after 6 hours charging, had the batteries level indicator blocked on the same value. Might be that during the last repair (replacement of the electric power point) we didn’t make all the wire connections as we should have. We’ll check them again as soon as possible.

Last run of 65 km completed, we’re now looking for a place to stop and spend the night.


  1. Shurhenchik says:

    You were mistaken.
    You haven’t reached to the Altay mountains

  2. Vislab says:

    Ah! That’s quite embarrassing, excuse us!
    So which mountains did we pass by getting from Novosibirsk to Novokuzneck?!

  3. says:

    That was Salairskiy Kryazh. There are some very beautiful places here. Welcome any time! ;)

  4. Shurhenchik says:

    I don’t know…
    The road Novosibirsk-Novokuznetsk doesn’t pass on mountains.
    There, where you spent the night today (Leninsk-Kuznetsk), you could see mountains “Salairskiy krjazh”. These are very old and low mountains. Salairskiy krjazh- not the Altay mountains.

    Here an example of mountains of Altai – mountain pass “Katu-Yaryk”: