No demo day

This morning we did some pre-demo routine maintenance on the vehicles.
Unfortunately once arrived at the shopping center we had to give up the demo: the external parking lot was to small and the underground one too low to let the vehicles get in plus the shopping center building was too high so there was no satellite connection available either.

Anyway both the journalists and the public seemed very interested and after the press conference they came asking us many questions about the vehicles; they were particularly interested by the fender bender we had a few weeks ago… thinking of it, it is quite weird to imagine two vehicles with no driver having an accident!

Next stop scheduled at Novokuzneck: ciao for now :-)


  1. Shurhenchik says:

    Next stop scheduled at Novokuzneck???
    It is truth???!!!
    I wanted to go to Kemerovo to have a look at you. (are more 200 kilometers)
    When you will be in Novokuznetsk?

  2. Vislab says:

    Hi Shurhenchik,

    that’s right: for some last minute organization matters we had to shift our next demo from Kemerovo to Novokuzneck.

    Arrival at Novokuzneck is scheduled for tomorrow September 23 and demo the day after, but will post the exact date and place of the demo in the EVENTS section of the website as soon as available.

    Sorry about that, hope you’ll be able to come and meet us anyway!

  3. Shurhenchik says:

    I’m from Novokuznetsk!!!

  4. Vislab says:

    Perfect! :-)

  5. Shurhenchik says:

    How many days will stay at us?
    What plans?
    I hope will have time to look at our city.
    Whether the help is necessary to you?

  6. Vislab says:

    Hello Shurhenchik,

    we’re in Novokuznetsk now and should be leaving next Sunday 26 towards Barnaul.

    A demo is scheduled for tomorrow Friday 24 but we don’t know where and at what time yet: we’ll publish these infos in the EVENTS section as soon as we know something for certain.

    Don’t know if we’ll have time to visit your city but really hope so of course!
    And thank you very much for your help offer: for the moment we’re managing all right but will post some SOS message in the blog if not :-)