Back home again

Annoying misadventure for three of our VisLab guys today.
Their departure to join the VIAC expedition in Omsk scheduled from Milan Malpensa airport this afternoon, it is only when arrived at the airport check-in desk that they discover their visas to enter Russia are valid from… tomorrow!! So plane tickets lost and a very expensive return trip Parma – Malpensa airport by rented car: what a waste of time!


  1. Joseph says:

    Murphy’s law: „Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.“, Take it easy! Joseph, Munich

  2. Alberto says:

    Non sono mai riuscito a vedere nulla al link Live Tracking. Dice sempre che e’ temporaneamente sospeso. E’ da un po’ che non scrivete sul blog…
    Buon viaggio

  3. Yulia Rudy says:

    Such an embarrassing incident! :( Yulia, Moscow, Russia