Bread and salt

First autonomous run of 73 km today and second one of 62 km, we’ve now entered the administrative division (Oblast) of Omsk; time zone is UTC+7.

Had a very warm welcome in Omsk with people dancing and offering us bread and salt, a greeting ceremony of ancient Slavic tradition.


  1. Hedin says:

    When are you going to reach Novosibirsk?

  2. Vislab says:

    Hi Hedin,

    should be arriving at Novosibirsk September the 20th and leave on the 22nd.

  3. Henry says:

    Congratulations! We are with you from the heart.
    According to Google Maps, you are more or less in the center of the old world.

    Have you already done some reflection on the hardware you used? Did they prove up to the task?

  4. voronier says:

    Guys, I watched the live video streaming today and was amazing! Cars and trucks in the other direction, overtaking,… very scary. Are you worried when driving?

  5. Vislab says:

    Hello Henry,

    no considerations about the hardware for the moment but we’re certainly going to do a thorough analysis of it when VIAC will be over.

  6. Vislab says:

    Hi voronier,

    well wouldn’t say we’re worried when travelling on board of the autonomous vehicles but not totally relaxed either, that’s for sure :-)

  7. Max says:

    Where are you staying in Novosobirsk? I check last location, around railway bridge, but not found anything.

  8. andr says:

    ГЫ-ГЫ!!!! Ржунемагу! Кто этот чувак в белой ветровке? Организатор встечи?!!! Slavic tradition ебать-колотить! Главу этого непонятного городка в президенты!!!