Travelling towards the border with Kazakhstan on a very flat piece of land, today we drove autonomously for 2 runs of 63 km and 67 km respectively.

Yesterday some fixing up activities: we recalibrated a laserscanner, welded all the front sensors protections (sort of bullbars) as some small cracks were developing on them and rewired an odometer, now functioning again as it should.


  1. dom says:

    Congratulations on passing through the halfway mark of your trip. It is true that these long trips take quite a toll on cars, even SUVs. Very surprising that a car that can go 200,000 km without a scratch in an urban environment can suffer so much on a 7,000 km trip on rural roads…

  2. roberto says:

    Tonight you are at 53% of your trip. Now every km you travel is on the descending curve towards your final destination. But you are not in Abbott’s Flatland, I imagine you will face uphill (and downhill) roads. Hope GPS will not route you on wrong roads.
    Best and go ahead !

  3. iannis says:

    Great Job!!!