How VisLab’s oratory saved the first ticket in history to an autonomous vehicle!

We were preparing our demo, testing in a pedestrian area with our driverless vehicles. A local policeman, who apparently was not aware of our presence, saw our vehicles moving in a restricted area and approached them to talk to the driver and stop them.
Then he realized there was no driver! And the vehicles were speeding between obstacles.
He then looked around and tried to find a clue of what was happening. He really seemed puzzled about that!

We then moved towards him with sympathy: our idea was to talk to him and -perhaps- even invite him to the demo. But our friendly approach was not well received: he insisted in checking all our documents, the vehicle’s documents and license (he didn’t ask for any driving license,
though! :-) ), and was very firm in saying that he had to issue a ticket for driving in a restricted area (and all this with just a few words in English!) We talked to him a lot, showed the vehicles, explained this is a big demo/test,… it was extremely difficult, but in the end we avoided getting the first ticket to an autonomous vehicle!

I’m not sure whether it was thanks to our excellent Latin Oratory or to his embarrassment in not knowing in what name to issue the ticket, but we made history once again: it was the first time in history an autonomous vehicle is stopped by the police!

The above pictures show the officer around our vehicles and Massimo reaching the vehicle’s documents.


  1. Robin says:

    No driver no ticket

  2. No surprise.
    He is an ordinal ****** Russian polisman.
    We grow ****** like him because we can do nothing else.

    Heh! :(

  3. Robin says:

    he just wanted to be the first policeman giving a fine to an autonomous vehicle

  4. Jeep54 says:

    Well, guys, you are great. This is an awesome milestone! It will be remembered on textbooks! Congratulations on these great achievements, and more to come!

  5. admin says:

    Actually he was very nice and in the end we were all happy about what happened. It’s just another event to keep us entertained…
    (sorry, Alexander, we had to clean a little bit the words you used…)

  6. Yuri.K says:

    Good job: jails in Russia are not nice.

  7. Igor Kovz says:

    How fast were you driving?

  8. claris says:

    the way in which Italians avoid the fines is unique!

    in a nutshell:

    “Italians do it better!”


    have a nice trip!

  9. boris_bad says:

    Well, also here in Russia we are quite good in discussing to avoid fines…

  10. Joseph says:

    Hey boys, I hope you have some bottles of grappa with you. Thats what you need in the next cotacts with russian cops. Keep on going! Good job! AUDI is watching you! Joseph, Munich

  11. HighCrack82 says:

    Joseph, I’m sure they will find good vodka there, but russian **** are more receptive with money!

  12. admin says:

    HighCrack, sorry about this, but we had to intervene on your message since it could be potentially offensive.

  13. iannis says:

    Your expedition is very famous in Russia! I hope to meet you in Omsk.

  14. Azat says:

    Shame to the policeman!
    Itself so to conduct with our visitors!

  15. system2k says:

    тупорылые менты, гг

  16. Tinkz says:

    номеров нет, техосмотра нет – мог вообще машины на штрафстоянку забрать