In Ekaterinburg

Arrived at the hotel where we’ll be spending the night, 30 km from Ekaterinburg. The parking space available doesn’t seem suitable to let us work on the vehicles nor to transfer on the external storage devices the image sequences acquired today: we’ll try to find a solution or otherwise postpone the operations until the next large enough parking area.

Here’s a photo of Ekaterinburg’s Cathedral-on-the-Blood, so called as it has been built on the place of former Ipatiev House where in 1918 czar Nikolas II, all of his family and four servants were murdered by the bolsheviks.
Opened in 2003 on the assassination’s 85th anniversary, the Cathedral-on-the-Blood is now the biggest cathedral in Ekaterinburg.


  1. Gabriele Bolognini says:

    Bravi ragazzi continuate così! Noi di http://WWW.OMNIFURGONE.IT vi stiamo seguendo sin dall’inizio!

  2. Yes! You have done that!

    (see also comments to the previous post “To wait and not be tired from waiting…”)

  3. Denis says:

    Thank you that drove us in Ekaterinburg good luck in the future travel))))