To wait and not be tired from waiting…

Had to stop and wait for 4 hours this morning to complete the vehicles batteries charge, suspended during the night because of the heavy rain conditions. First autonomous run of 54 km completed, we’re now 80 km far from Ekaterinburg that we should reach by this evening. Also pretty cool up here… not a lot over 0 °C!


  1. Yaguar says:

    It’s well: the winter is not yet..
    with Siberian frost :)

    I wish you warm;) welcome to your future halts
    for you and for your hardware (because of accumulators:)

  2. Welcome to Ural! It’s great you are here!

    I’m an microcontroller engineer and an system programmer. Our firm can to help you if you have some hardware problem. Don’t hasitate ask me. My mobile phone is +7(950)194-4504. You can call me at any time.

    I would like to see you in Berezovskiy. That is a bit eastern to Ekaterinburg at 10-15 km.

    I wish you smooth roads, lots of the sun and let’s the good luck keep on with you!