Anticipated event in Chelyabinsk

Today we performed four autonomous runs, and we reached Chelyabinsk, in the Chelyabinskaya region.
A note for tomorrow: the presentation & demo that were scheduled for September 7 will probably take place tomorrow…we will give you more details as soon as possible.


  1. Denis says:

    Where is I can found you? I check last position in Chelyabinsk at Latitude 55° 10′ 2” N and Longitude 61° 23′ 43” E (near hotel at city center), but no yellow cars found :) Please, reply to my mail :)

  2. Vislab says:

    Hi Denis, just look for a hotel with a very noisy power unit parked outside and there we are! :-D

  3. Denis says:

    (knocking in wall by head) I try to visit to your at morning :)