3000 km in autonomous mode!

OK, nothing special today: just another day of driving, recharging batteries, and driving. We are getting closer to Kazan where a new staff switch will happen: 4 people will get back to Parma and 5 new people will join the vehicles to assist them in new adventures. The people getting back to Parma will take with them a few hard disks with all the data acquired in the last shift (they squeezed everything down into 4 disks) while some fresh disks will replace them. We are planning on some recalibration and maintenance in Celiabinzk.

Today we reached 3000 autonomous km into our vehicles! We’re all very excited!

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  1. Mike&Tribe says:


    In spite of any target you would like to achieve on this journey, with this first 3000km you are probably setting a new guinnes world record and you should contact them to be listed :)