Our hotel in Saratov…

Side note: when we reached Saratov, the police escorted us to the hotel. They used their sirens and we made it to the hotel quite quickly since at each single intersections there were policemen stopping traffic to let us go. It was amazing! Not very ‘realistic’ traffic (and this is indeed what we are looking for), but amazing (and very efficient!).

We then reached our hotel; the police stopped for a while, some policemen entered the hotel while we were waiting for them in the vehicles; then they got out and told us that there was a secret meeting and we had to leave quickly. Then they took us in a parking lot quite far from that hotel, and informed us that it was quite unsafe to stay there… Well, we moved away quickly and reached another spot that our Overland partners judged safer. We are now waiting for the end of that secret meeting in order to reach our hotel…


  1. Krakeno says:

    Where there will be a demo?
    At Theatre (teatral’naya) square [51.533634,46.034535]?
    What time will the demo?

  2. Prot says:

    Yes, very interested in this question.
    In what place will be a demonstration?

  3. 4natic says:

    live webcam, you can link it to main page http://webcam.sarbc.ru/index.php?type=webcam&place=1

  4. PaoloM says:

    @4natic thanks for the webcam :) Pretty nice! Now we can only wait the arrivals of orange vehicles.

  5. AlF says:

    You need another cam – http://webcam.sarbc.ru/index.php?type=webcam&place=19 near from “Slovakia” hotel