Very smooth ride, but we can do even better!

Today we rode on our autonomous vehicles for about 230 km. We are now in Saratov, as planned, and tomorrow we’re scheduled to give a presentation and a demo.

230 autonomous km with our electric vehicles is definitely a long stretch of road (we covered it in 4 runs), but we are quite disappointed to have reached our destination so quickly today since we could have done much better than yesterday: today it was going very smoothly and we could have gone for even more km, but Saratov arrived quickly and we had to stop for the day. Yesterday we traveled autonomously for 279 km (which is indeed our record in a single day), and today we were prepared to break our previous record. Ok, we have more than two months ahead of us and we’ll try again to put together more than 279 km of autonomous driving in a single day!

Minor glitch to report: our odometer today suddenly stopped working and we had to stop our autonomous driving and start again. We started again and it stopped working again. Finally we disconnected it and used the speed provided by the GPS, which is not very precise but it’s a backup that we can use whenever our main odometer dies. These vehicles have a speedometer which is quite primitive and we had to prepare a replacement for it, which is now giving some problems. We already alerted our VisLab headquarters in Parma and they are preparing a possible fix.