New Associated Press news spread worldwide

Just write “Driverless vehicles go manual in Moscow” (including the “s) on Google and you’ll find out how many websites are reporting the latest news diffused by Associated Press about the progress of our experiment.

The news is here.

If you’re curious, just enter “Italian team embarks” on Google again to check how many websites reported the news at the departure of the event, last July 26.

And that’s the raw news. Then some other websites elaborated on that and changed the title a little bit so it won’t show up in this Google search.


  1. yaguar says:

    I’ve read the news and..
    is your leading (first) vehicle driven directly by man as usual (while autonomous driving on the road) ?
    (The question was born because of the news said “…a lead van being driven normally” i.e. manually).

  2. admin says:

    The leading van is driven by a human (and sometimes it can also drive autonomously). The need for a human to drive the first vehicle is due to the fact that we don’t have maps of some areas so planning a route is impossible. Therefore the first vehicle prepares a sort of ‘map’ (GPS waypoints) which are then sent to the second vehicle; this is a sort of digital route that the second vehicle can follow. In other words we are building our map on the fly for the convenience of the second vehicle.

  3. thak-youris says:

    ok, that’s clear. You mean that the second vehicle is the important vehicle, right?

  4. iannis says:

    Still unsure: why your leader car is autonomous sometimes? Cannot it be always manned?

  5. yaguar says:

    thanks, clear :)
    unfortunately it’s not yet possible to say: “just drive that way for a while” O:-)

    to iannis.
    mm.. why the vehicle must to be always manned? The goal of the trip is test of autonomous system, so imho it would be nice to drive autonomously as much as possible (with man in the cabin only for safety reasons)