Pictures of the accident

This is the first picture of the accident that the VisLab engineers were able to send from Russia (remember that our satellite connection is now not working and we had to use the very expensive internet connection in the hotel rooms).


  1. Vokabre says:

    Try this site, it’s the list of free wifi hotspots all over Russia, maybe there is one not far from you.

    And what’s about presentation for public, will there be one?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the link! The presentation for the public will be today at 4.00pm in the park just outside Hotel Kosmos, Moscow.

  3. jep says:

    Well, I thought it had a much stronger impact! You can’t barely see the dent!

  4. voronier says:

    Not bad, guys, it could have been worse. Keep up the good work!