Entering Moscow

Folks, just a quick update: we just traveled towards Moscow and we are now stopped at the police checkpoint where they will check our paperwork and will escort us into the city. This morning we traveled autonomously with some journalists and some televisions: it was great, a part when the chaotic traffic pushed us to take control of the vehicles for a while: cars were everywhere and we lost visual contact with our leader vehicle; plus, there were no visible lane markings, obstacles all around, cars and any kind of vehicles cutting in… well, this is Moscow… and we’re not into it yet!


  1. Ruvido says:

    Welcome in Moscow.
    I wish you have a lot of fun driving autnomously

  2. Slava K says:

    Where and when you can see the Shows in Moscow?

  3. yaguar says:

    > …it was great…
    Yes, driving in Moscow maybee a good test for autonomous system :)
    But I see your way by MKAD (Moscow Automobile Ring Road) marked black on the CO2 map. Does it mean the drive was not autonomous ? or.. what does it mean?
    Have a nice stay ..mm.. driving in Moscow ;-)

  4. admin says:

    Black is just one color coding for CO2 presence. It only shows that that road is quite polluted… (and I guess you don’t need us to tell you this… :-)

  5. Andry says:

    Where and when we can see your demo on august 18, and 19? Are you planning presentation for the public on these days?