Finally, we are into Russia!

After more than one day trapped into Russian customs, after tons of phone calls with our headquarters in Parma, after some new paperwork done on the fly,… we are now into Russia. We stayed at the customs premises for 22 very long hours, with no food, no water, high temperatures,… and just a bit of sleep. We had no chance to recharge the vehicles’ batteries.

Therefore, we loaded the autonomous vehicles on the trucks and are now traveling fast towards Rostov (Russia) to compensate for this delay. No live satellite video streaming this afternoon, sorry guys!


  1. Shurhenchik says:

    I hope that the further way across Russia will pass more successfully!

  2. Josef Schmitt says:

    Congratulations! Since a few months I am following your activities and yesterday evening I thought this is the end at the russian border. But now you have done a big step. I am able to understand your performance because I developped car engines and gear boxes for 30 years and driver assistance and information systems for the last 10 years at the University of German Armed Forces in Munich, for Mercedes, BMW and AUDI. Godspeed! Josef (an retired engineer)