Aluminium foil…?

Expedition is now heading towards the Russian border, which we should reach later this afternoon.

While waiting for the batteries to get recharged, we found a (temporary) solution to avoid interference between the satellite transmitter and the GPS unit: a 4 layer cooking aluminium foil wrap!


  1. yaguar says:

    Solution according 3 days old comment ( ;-)

    Do you read comments to your blog? (or are there some difficulties with internet and tracing visitors’ activities?)

  2. Vislab says:

    Hello yaguar,

    even if not answering all the time (sorry for that!) we do read comments in the blog and very much appreciate any suggestion in them.

    A 4 layered screen proved to be necessary in our devices case for the single layered one wasn’t effective enough. So, with a little delay, thank you to roberto for his contribution as problem solver :-)

  3. yaguar says:

    sorry if my comment looks a bit hard O:-)

    but.. what about live video? some time ago there were something visible, but it looked like through very dark filter (only very light details were visible).
    (now – black picture)
    Anyway, I’ve just like to inform about this issue :)
    And wish you that this problem will be the biggest that may occur.
    (I mean NO any other bigger problems will occur)

  4. Vislab says:

    Hi yaguar,

    your comment was very pertinent so no problem at all!

    The live video stream is not always active as we have limited bandwidth available per day. When possible we write on the live tracking webpage when the next live video will be on: unfortunately that hasn’t happened a lot for the moment as we’re still trying to get accustomed to such a trip and it’s unpredictable events… but hope to give better information soon.

    As for the dark filter you mentioned, we’re currently placing the live video streaming webcam in different positions around the vehicle, trying to figure out which one is the more appropriate. Not having too much time to concentrate on that, for the last few days the webcam has settled at the back of the leading vehicle, looking out through the rear window. It proved to be not the best place as the back glass is dark and covered with defrost wires (which together give that dark filter-like view) so will get to solve the issue as soon as possible.

    Thank you for encouragement, ciao!