First test: not bad at all.

We’re currently driving towards Budapest. Today we were scheduled to reach Novi Sad (from Belgrade) but we’ve already passed Novi Sad and we’re proceeding further. The vehicles are just great. We had to get back to manual at the toll station (Gee! they wanted our driverless vehicle to pay the toll anyway!).

Anyway, great test. The only problem we’re having is in GPS position broadcasting to our server back in Parma and the automatic map refresh. I know the guys back in Parma are fixing this problem.  But, it’s not that big issue: after all, the test is on our autonomous vehicles, and not on our website coding…

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  1. MotocRxss says:

    At the end of the journey, will you be able to calculate how many times and how many hours manual intervention was needed?

    good luck!!