About to start…

We’re about to start our adventure. Today only about 100km.

One short drive for a vehicle, one big step for mankind…  (well, is this citation too exaggerated?)


  1. yaguar says:

    Nice challenge!)

    I’ve just looked Live Tracking
    good job!
    but I think it would be also interesting to have a look not only forward but on a dash and a steering wheel while maneuvering too ;-)
    The point on the map is not changable without page reloading? It’s a little inconvenient :)
    And… one more question, about your speed. 10-15 km/h does not lead to problem for traffic stream, for other vehicles (which usual speed on highways is much more)?

  2. admin says:

    Now the map is refreshing automatically!
    There was a little error in the speed visualization; the average speed this morning was 45 km/h…from now on you will see the correct value :)

  3. tesla says:

    some live driving at last!
    good job!
    but hey, your speed and coordinates do not update for me. still 0 km/h after 5 minutes of driving.

  4. admin says:

    yes, yes, yes… we are fixing all these glitches… I’m sure that by the end of October everything will be fixed… :-)

  5. tesla says:

    i hope you are kidding.

  6. tesla says:

    so… why we stopped?

  7. Gleb says:

    CO2 tracking shows that they’re moving. Something’s wrong with nav data transmission.

  8. yaguar says:

    to Admin, thanks for your works
    quite understandable that the all and immediately is a little difficult :)
    This morning yes, it seems the speed was a bit higher O:-) than reported.
    And actual 45 km/h maybe not enough high for highways, but a good achievement for robots for now :)