Archive of entries posted on October 2010

Pictures from Shanghai

We have uploaded a new gallery with the pictures directly from the Expo! Check it out!


Here is the very first picture from the Expo 2010. Today we started to meet people and press at the European pavilion, and everybody was very excited about the project! More events will follow in the next few days, so stay tuned.

A long way to Shanghai…

… but there we are!!! Leader and follower on Shanghai’s Nanpu Bridge: thank GOLD (*) for that (*) Generic Obstacle and Lane Detector, name of VisLab’s software running on the vehicles.

Still running, still testing

Yesterday another 2 runs of 197 km all together: it seems that batteries and chargers are all working steadily well at the moment. Did a few tests of our software as well, changing the leader-follower configuration and letting the following vehicle drive on its own along the highway (have a look at the 23 October [...]

The Silent Army

Under quite a cloudy sky we have travelled for 2 autonomous runs of 94 and 85 km today, after 3 days without any. Yesterday a few km from Xi’an, at the Terracotta Warriors site parking lot, we replaced the 2 deteriorated battery chargers. It seems now that all the vehicles get properly recharged. And we [...]

One more team member

After visiting the very suggestive Xianyang Great Buddha Temple we have arrived in Xi’an today and met at the hotel Chiara who brought with her 2 new battery chargers as replacement to fix the inconvenience of some days ago. Yesterday we did one autonomous run and went through a challenging offroad mountain pass about 20 [...]

Corner cases

Today we wanted to stress a bit the navigation system, to see how well it behaves when most of the sensors information is missing. For that purpose, we disabled everything but the lane detector: the result was even better than expected, with the vehicle driving smoothly between the lanes. Later on we had some problems [...]

On the way to Xi’an

After a night spent near the first (reconstructed in the 90′s) leg of the Great Chinese Wall, we drove just for 2 short autonomous runs of about 50 km today to catch up with the schedule. Here’re a couple of photos of the Wall, with a modern add too In Xi’an we plan to meet [...]


Today we had to fix a massive battery charger failure: all of them got broken at the same time because of a spike produced by the power supply unit. This was really bad news, since no battery charger means no driving, period. Nevertheless, we managed to solve the problem by replacing two units with spare [...]

New page online

A new page is online showing the fan we met during the expedition and those who follow us daily. Have a look at it!!