Archive of entries posted on August 2010

We reached 2000 autonomous km!

Yesterday we reached 2000 autonomous km! And the trip is continuing… Well, we didn’t point out that in Moscow we had some fresh blood joining our team and some of our tired (but happy) engineers left the group: Luca and Stefano got safely back to Parma, while Elena and Alessandro joined the group.


A little bit of maintenance: yesterday we had to recalibrate the stereo system of one vehicle, which got hit during a maneuver when we were loading the vehicle on the truck. And a little bit of maintenance to the solar panels: we washed them to get more efficiency out of them!

Getting out of Moscow

Today we got out of Moscow. Crazy traffic! Luckily yesterday we spent some long hours in a mechanical shop and changed the batteries of one of our vehicles (P3) since its autonomy got very limited. Today it performed just great (P3 drove for 86km after the first charge, not bad!), but we are a bit [...]

First hitchhikers on an autonomous car! We’re building history!

This morning when we were still in the hotel and preparing for the day, we saw something moving towards us. It was a car covered with a kind of canvas on which someone painted our logo (the VisLab eye) and a writing saying something like ‘tomorrow starts here’. They were some of our fans, and [...]

Day off, visiting Moscow (and not only)

Originally it was scheduled as a day off to visit Moscow, but we had to work and do some maintenance on one of our vehicles’ batteries. We stayed almost the whole day at a mechanic shop (luckily we found one who worked for 10 years in New York and was fluent in English…). Now the [...]

The sat is back!

After checking thousand of parameters, we noticed a switch on our satellite system that was pointed to “Europe”. We changed it to “auto”, et voilá, our sat connection is back again… Sorry for taking so long to spot such a stupid switch! We’ll now be streaming again. Today, technical presentation and demo at TopCon, tomorrow [...]

First presentation in Moscow

It will be today at 4.00pm in the park just outside Hotel Kosmos, Moscow. It’s open to the public.

Pictures of the accident

This is the first picture of the accident that the VisLab engineers were able to send from Russia (remember that our satellite connection is now not working and we had to use the very expensive internet connection in the hotel rooms).

Entering Moscow

Folks, just a quick update: we just traveled towards Moscow and we are now stopped at the police checkpoint where they will check our paperwork and will escort us into the city. This morning we traveled autonomously with some journalists and some televisions: it was great, a part when the chaotic traffic pushed us to [...]

Moscow, we’re arriving!

Today, another 176 autonomous km. It’s not that much for today, but we’re still having problems with the batteries of one vehicle (well, we’re not certain it’s the batteries or the charger that have problems, anyway in Moscow we’ll sort this out!). The satellite connection is not working. We don’t know whether it’s the antenna [...]