Archive of entries posted on August 2010


A FTP site is now available at Journalists are encouraged to upload their press material related to the VIAC expedition. Please contact us to get the password. NOTE: Be aware that the directory has write only permission, so you can’t see the contents.

3000 km in autonomous mode!

OK, nothing special today: just another day of driving, recharging batteries, and driving. We are getting closer to Kazan where a new staff switch will happen: 4 people will get back to Parma and 5 new people will join the vehicles to assist them in new adventures. The people getting back to Parma will take [...]

VisLab in Samara

Sorry, guys, for not posting anything yesterday, but we’ve been quite busy with some maintenance: we made some tests to double check the vehicles’ autonomous driver. Nothing special: just a routine check, but it kept us busy for most of the afternoon. In the morning we traveled all the 140 km to reach Samara in [...]

Another lesson learned…

The lesson we learned yesterday during the demo in Saratov is the following: never ever give demos to a crowd of journalists all together in the vehicle! Why? Well, I’ll take a step back and tell you the full story. Saratov. VisLab is preparing the demo. Everything works flawlessly. We decide to prepare a waypoint [...]

Our hotel in Saratov…

Side note: when we reached Saratov, the police escorted us to the hotel. They used their sirens and we made it to the hotel quite quickly since at each single intersections there were policemen stopping traffic to let us go. It was amazing! Not very ‘realistic’ traffic (and this is indeed what we are looking [...]

Very smooth ride, but we can do even better!

Today we rode on our autonomous vehicles for about 230 km. We are now in Saratov, as planned, and tomorrow we’re scheduled to give a presentation and a demo. 230 autonomous km with our electric vehicles is definitely a long stretch of road (we covered it in 4 runs), but we are quite disappointed to [...]

New Associated Press news spread worldwide

Just write “Driverless vehicles go manual in Moscow” (including the “s) on Google and you’ll find out how many websites are reporting the latest news diffused by Associated Press about the progress of our experiment. The news is here. If you’re curious, just enter “Italian team embarks” on Google again to check how many websites [...]

VIAC iPhone app

Vislab VIAC application for iPhone and iPod touch is now available for download: href=”

Our fans on youtube

Folks, our fans (the first hitchhikers on an autonomous car, as they define themselves) provided a very nice video of them preparing for the meeting with our VisLab engineers: check it out on YouTube here:

On the way to Saratov

Yesterday, after the presentation in Niznij Novgorod we didn’t give any demo since the place was not good for a demo with nobody on board. Despite this, the was a nice group of people who came to meet with us. Among those, the people of Itseez and developers of OpenCV. Unfortunately we had small accident: [...]