Archive of entries posted on July 2010

Afternoon in Budapest

We safely arrived in Budapest this morning; we’re spending our afternoon in Budapest to get some rest and be ready to leave tomorrow in the early morning for a new leg of our autonomous trip. Tomorrow 4 VisLab team members will get back to Parma (Pietro, Stefano, Mirko, and PaoloM), while the other guys will [...]

The VisLab sign

Captain Z shows the VisLab sign (V-sign) in Belgrade…

Budapest, we’re on our way to you…!

This morning wake up early (well, as always…), under the rain. After drying out the vehicles, departure towards Budapest, where we just arrived. Now we’re stopped at a rest area.

Heading to Budapest

Currently stopped at a service station 70 km far from Budapest; after some vehicles testing, we’ll be spending the night here. Today’s track has been driven for the most part in automatic mode (border crossing is always better done in manual…). Trip going smoothly for the moment. Great curiosity aroused at the Hungarian border: a [...]

Early start today…

We hit the road early today, and now we’re at the Hungarian border.

Done for the day!

Ok, just reached a resting area, and we’ll stay here for the night. Great day! Now dinner and debriefing. We’ll be back with some *quantitative* comments soon!

Unexpected drive

Well, today was very very successful: we traveled more than we scheduled. Plus, since we still had time, we recharged the batteries and we’re now on the road again, to put more autonomous kms into the vehicles.

First test: not bad at all.

We’re currently driving towards Budapest. Today we were scheduled to reach Novi Sad (from Belgrade) but we’ve already passed Novi Sad and we’re proceeding further. The vehicles are just great. We had to get back to manual at the toll station (Gee! they wanted our driverless vehicle to pay the toll anyway!). Anyway, great test. [...]

About to start…

We’re about to start our adventure. Today only about 100km. One short drive for a vehicle, one big step for mankind…  (well, is this citation too exaggerated?)


In our first demo, we had a dozen cheerleaders to introduce us… not bad…